Wednesday, 20 August 2014

This is where you live. Right here, in the saddle. Live here. Stay here.

Stick with this Dan. You live in the saddle. This is your home.
Nearly 25 Kilometers complete. Only 775 more to go.
Slight uphill grade. Minimal tailwind. Road conditions imperfect. 27% chance of rain. Don't let these facts get you down.
You can do this, dan, you can. Don't give up now.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Like looking at my underwear

This is great.  This app,  komoot,  records my position over time and displays it on a map for all to see. As a veteran* bicycle courier I've always taken great pride in keeping secret how ass backward I end up getting places. Now this bit of privacy is gone. Now everyone can see every stupid wrong turn I make, every time wasting back track. Every roundabout route.

So as the link shows,  I made it from Berlin to Berlin and then stopped the app by accident. But for the record,  I made it to a wonderful couple's house south of potsdam and am surfing their couch. They have somewhere between 5-7 children and numerous semi -permanent guests. We had chocolate and tea and talked about everything under the sun. So far, so good!


*"veteran" just meaning that I quit doing it. Not that I was ever very good at it.

Ab! To Friedrichshagen! (Or Friedrichshafen**)

Dear Reader,
Today is the day. Ill start on a journey I've been planning for years, though at the time I didn't know where it would take me.

It may seem like a mere bike tour, with saddle bags, fenders, and even a solar panel. But in fact it's more than that. This bike tour is a pilgrimage. The result of life throwing certain things my way. The result of many factors coming together and presenting one route, one option. The conclusion based on a pragmatic analysis of data that NOW is the time. There is no reason not to. It might even be the last chance I get.

When I was a kid I heard a story of a guy who took a trip around the world. He was a scientist or something stable with little vacation time. He had a girlfriend and a house and a dog. Then everything happened all at once. He lost his job. His girlfriend broke up with him, taking the house and the dog. He was left with nothing but time, freedom, and a bit of money in the bank.

So he left and traveled all around the world. Partially, he said, because he didn't know what else to do. But mostly, he said, because he realized that it might be the last time in his life he would have the opportunity, without a job, without a house, without a family, to take so much time to travel. His only regret, he said, was not having the companionship of his dog.

Well my situation isnt nearly so extreme. But some things did happen in my life, and I did find myself, suddenly, with some extra time. And* the Eurobike is happening next weekend in Friedrichshafen (-hagen?), and I just couldn't justify anything other than to ride for a week from Northern to Southern Germany, landing at Eurobike. I might even ride back.

And while I'm at it, why not do it on an 80% plant-based bicycle and blog the whole way? So here goes! Off to Friedrichsha(f/g)en!


*I know you can't start sentences with "and" or "but". But I hate that rule.
** my gps knows which one it is.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Design and the art of bamboo bike building

Dear Reader,
At Ozon we do a good bit of Facebook posting, Newsletter writing, and lots and lots of bamboo bike building. One thing we've neglected though, from the very beginning, is this blog.

So I, Dan, have decided to take this opportunity to commandeer our blog. I will start writing about my personal experiences at Ozon, running a small and unusual business, working together with talented and creative colleages, and above all, building Bamboo bike frames.

I will write honestly. I will tell the truth, and tell a story. It won't be advertising. It won't all be pretty. It won't be what my lawyer or publicist * think I should say. It will just be the way I see things, or the way they are. And hopefully it will help someone, someday**.

So dearest readers, here 'goes. The first thing that will happen is a bike trip across Germany.


*I don't actually have a publicist.
**unless that someone is in a lawsuit against us, in which case I hope what I say does not help them.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Ken's Bike Frame Progress

Ken hat dieses tolle "Making Of..." aus seinem Workshop zusammengestellt:

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Die Workshops!

Schaut her liebe Leute! Seit mehreren Wochen bieten wir nun an jedem Wochenende Workshops an! Die ersten Fahrräder sind inzwischen fertig und rasen durch Berlins Straßen. Falls Ihr Lust bekommt, Euch selber einen Rahmen zu bauen, meldet Euch! Es sind noch Plätze frei!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Stand sneak peek...

If you can come to the Berliner Fahrradschau this weekend, we definitely recommend it!

Heres a sneak peek at what our stand will look like...